Clinical diagnositc services    

In vivo thyroid uptake test

Thyroid imaging (static and dynamic imaging)

Thyroid positive imaging

Ectopic thyroid imaging

Parathyroid imaging

Iodine-131 whole body imaging

Whole body bone scan(Including Three Phase Bone Scan)

Cerebral perfusion imaging

Renal dynamic imaging

Renal static imageing

Bladder ureteral reflux imaging

Salivary gland function imaging

Gastrointestinal function imaging

Gastrointestinal bleeding imaging            

Ectopic gastric mucosal imaging

Hepatic blood pool imaging

Rest and stress myocardial perfusion imaging

Painstaking care pool imaging

Varicose veins imaging

Lung perfusion imaging

Pulmonary ventilation imaging

99mTc-MIBI Tumours positive imaging

PET-CT imaging (whole-body and local imaging)



I-131 treatment for hyperthyroidism and other thyroid diseases

Malignant tumor bone metastasis bone pain inside radiation therapy(89SrCl2 & 153Sm-EDTMP)

Radioactive iodine-125 implanted treatment

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