The Division of Otology has particular expertise in the surgical management of tympanoplasty, decompression of facial nerve, stapes surgery and cochlear implants. Up to now, more than 120 patients has received cochlear implants in our department with satisfactory outcomes, returning to the world of sound. The laboratory of temporal bone dissection has been established and temporal bone dissection has become the training routine of specialists.


Our surgeons have rich experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of conditions of the nose and paranasal sinuses, ranging from septal deviations and chronic rhinosinusitus to neoplasms. They are experts in nose-skull base and nose-eye correlated endoscopic surgery and have specialized experience and knowledge in performing the new endoscopic technologies such as dacryocystorhinostomy, decompression of optic nerve, repair of cerebrospinal rhinorrhea, and resection of benign tumor or early stage paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancers.

Head and Neck Oncology

The Head and Neck Cancer Team is comprised of dedicated, highly specialized and experienced doctors. Annually, the department receives as many as 60-100 patients suffering from head and neck cancer. Some of them are advanced and late complicated cases. Our team regards the treatment of these case as a complex undertaking involving not only issues of successful treatment, but also concerns about retaining functions such as sight, smell, hearing, speech and swallowing. To meet these needs, the surgeons have achieved significant progress and have been leaders in the field of radical resection of tumor, reconstruction of structure and function, and functional neck dissection. Our laboratory work on biological therapy of head and neck cancer has been met with successes and the results have been published in top journals of otorhinolaryngology.

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