The selected grants funded by national or provincial research foundataions:

•  Surgical technologies to enhance hearing for profoundly hearing impaired individuals, including cochlear implants , biological therapy for head and neck cancer(Yang Beibei)

•  Matrix metalloproteinase-2,-9 tissue inhibitor-1of matrix metalloproteinase and CD44v6 in head and neck cancer metastasis. (Xu Yaping)

•  Loss of heterozygosity at D9S171 microsatellite locus in cervical lymph node metastases. (Xu Yaping)

•  MSC transplantation into the inner ear and auditory pathway. (Xu Yaping)

•  Cellular apoptosis in laryngeal cancer (Fan Guokang)

•  Genetic therapy of allergic rhinitis (Fan Guokang)

•  Nasal and nasal sinus mucus repair (Chen Ming)

•  Anatomical location and three-dimensional reconstruction of anterior commissure of the human larynx (Lin Zhihong)

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